Forgetful idiots

Aaaaand I thank you Kojiro_S for pointing out in the shoutbox that I'm a forgetful idiot, and therefore by association Kraid is as well a forgetful idiot :P

Well, let's go, red one. We've loitered here enough fo the time being.
Oh, I'm normally not this red. Y'see, I fell in that stupid lava back there.
Really? Well, that was silly of you. This particular lava here is quite hot you know.
Yeah, I'm pretty aware of that right now.
Y'know, in retrospect... why didn't you use your grapple thingy to grab "Raymond"?
...You know, your blue, zappy looking thing, that can grapple and pull in well... so far everything I've seen you use it on. Why, you could have probably avoided any and ALL injury had you used that instead of jumping.
Should I assume this is another inside joke?
No, no. He's just showing off his true intelligence now.
Ah, very good then.

Thanks to Kojiro_s for pointing out that I'm a forgetful idiot, and therefore so was Kraid. :P

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