Look closer

Hint in title :P

On another note, I accidentally overwrote the original version of this strip. It was nigh-identical, but the wording was better. Bah. And somehow, I managed to get that guy's last name to be "Polystyrene". I have no clue how I managed to cram that into there last time. Damn.

Halfway through the tribe...
Ahh, here's another person that's been in the tribe for many, many generations.
Hello there.
Excellent, excellent, and what might I call him?
You've got to hang out with him sometime. He's known for having lots of wild parties.
Sounds like my kinda guy.
His name is Iggy William Irene Laos Leopold Kimberly Ike Lester Lou Yvette Oscar Ursula...
...Sue Lee Oleg Wilbert Linnea Yuli Ira Neil Yann Osiris Undine Rufus Spot Lex Esther Edwin Peterson the fifty-ninth of the Trabnagian tribe.
And coincidentally, I'm having a party tonight! Feel free to drop by. I'm sure you'll have fun.
Actually, that sounds kinda nice.
And hey, if you stay too late and are tired, feel free to crash there for the night. No worries.
Yyyyyeah, I think we'll pass for now.
Oh c'mon, it's a par...
I SAID, I think we'll pass.
What'd I say?

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