The Energizer tribe

Well, it's not so much that the tribe itself keeps going. More like the name. Then again, some of them have been around for a lot of generations...

Well... that was quite rude of you, Kraid.
Actually, it's fairly normal. For some reason, a lot of people seem to get nervous around him. Must be a vibe he gives off or something.
Has he ever... y'know... caused problems or anything?
Funny you should mention that. A week ago, he was thought to be the reason for several missing tribe members.
Well, I think...
But no, by a bizarre series of events, we found evidence that Iggy Norbert Nigel Olga Caleigh...
...Elkan Nadia Tanya Sara Charles Alex Permelia Eliott Gregory Ophelia Angela Tyrone the thirteenth of the Trabnagian tribe had murdered them all. He was thusly put to death.
That... that's super.
Y'know, when I think about it, every one of those thirteen had similar fates.
*slump* *rest*
Y'know, somehow I'm not surprised.
But, we should continue. C'mon, there's still eighty-seven tribe members to meet.
OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY! Screw it, I'm staying here. Nuts to names.
Now who's being rude?
Oh go to hell.

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