The trio strike out

Bet people forgot about those three.

And to avoid explaining things later, yes, this particular Zeela happened to know Metroid. There's only two languages on the planet. Some individuals will be bilingual.

Ok, well that's not a problem. I'll finish introducing you to everyone, and then we'll get to the feast.
An abundance of names followed by an abundance of foods. What could be better?
Anything not involving you.
Oh, you want me and you know it.
-...Ahh... the sweet sound of silence.
Umm... 'scuse me, but would your name happen to be Sa...
So help me Metroid-thingy, if I so much as THINK about names any more, I'm going to lose myself and slaughter the entire planet!
Several minutes and 100 feet later
<Umm... yeah, I don't think anyone here goes by that name. Or even a name that short.>
<Damnit, we'll have to try elsewhere.>

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