Farthings and scourpads

And I finally got to fit my 'polystyrene' into a name :}

...McMaster Farthing Van Polystyrene de Scourpad Alexander Keith Dustin Patrick...
Kraid... KRAID... KRAID!!! What already? C'mon, I've only got another 15 to go.
I don't CARE what your stupid now "tribe name" is. The more important matter i...
...Scourpad? Polystyrene? Soursop? Spindleshanks?!? What the hell, man? Like seriuosly... what the hell?!?
I got to pick some of the names myself. It was quite interesting...
Just... whatever. I don't care any more. Where's... whatever the hell his stupid name was? Your guide?
Oh, you must mean Syracuse Von Alfre...
Just ONE more name, and I pump you full of more missiles than your full body mass! Just tell me where he is.
...'Bout a minute behind me preparing the food.

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