Long greetings

About 30 seconds later
*sniff* *sniff* We must be getting close. I smell... uhh... stuff that I can't entirely identify.
That's... not a good thing.
Bah, pessimist. For all you know, it could be the greatest food on the planet.
Well, given it's only competition is deep-fried minions, that's not saying much.
Ahh, there you are.
Yep, we're finally here. So good to see you again Syracuse Von Alfredo Jacobson Smith de Sanguine Jones the eighth of the Trabnagian tribe.
Oh god no.
Why yes, nice to see you again as well, Kraid Von Mortimer Rihanna Drake McWestley Penny Janelle Coleman Quirinus Daedalus Carl Fezzik Freeman McRugen Spindleshanks...
*seeth* *twitch* *shudder* *shake* *rage* *shudder*
Umm... call it a hunch, but maybe we should cut it short.

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