A new leader is born

Well, he DOES seem like the smartest...

Some time later
Ok... so as the only remaining members of the tribe... I'm thinking that perhaps we should distance ourselves from the recent source of massacre of the name-sayers.
Well, what about me? I like hanging out with you guys, but I'm also Samus' friend.
Yeah... we're not entirely sure what to do about that. Even though Syr...
*grumble* names... NAMES... *mutter*
*rage* *rock* *shudder* *destroy* *hate*

Right, yes... before I forget, new rule of the tribe. Names are no longer allowed to be spoken in the presence of any non-tribe member, under penalty of exile.
Well, unless you're killed as a result of saying your name to begin with.
No, we still exile your corpse.

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