Slowing down Samus

The greatest minds... the greatest plans.

One hour later
MAN, what's taking her so long?
I think they slowed Samus down when one of their "plans" had Samus rolling on the ground in laughter.
You can still see and hear what's happening? Well c'mon man, give me an update!
...You sure?
Sure I'm sure. Spit it out, man! What's happening over there?
Well... a group of your "greatest intellects" thought that if they all gathered around and shouted their names all at once, Samus would be overwhelmed with the realization of what she's doing and back down.
Yeah, that didn't work by the way.
Well gee, there's a news-flash.
Yeah, she pretty much just shot them all in turn. Then burst into laughter.
God damnit, am I the only vaguely smart one in here?

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