If it's not blatantly obvious already... Ridley doesn't have his memory past that save point. Reread the ZR388 storyline in the archives if you want to refresh your memory. After all, it's been like... probably around 2 years since this place has been touched upon :P

But more explanatorily... Ridley doesn't have his memory because he died. He respawned after Kabutroid turned on ZR388 again to go wander back to the ship, and the save system found that Ridley was not on the planet, therefore it respawned him. Someone in the shoutbox mentioned that he should have his memory, because when WE play, we remember what happened, it just hadn't happened yet. That's because we're third-party observers. Ridley... is not. He's first-person in that perspective.

Huh... that's peculiar. I felt kinda... funny there for a second. Bah, that stupid thing is probably sapping my health or something else idiotic.
Well, enough fun, if you can even call it that, I best be off to find me some prime bar location.
*hop* *hop* Best I stop screwing around anyway. If I'm supposed to be meeting Kraid back there in an hour, I should cover as much ground as I can.
Huh... something feels... odd somehow.
Maybe it was that most of our tribe was SLAUGHTERED LIKE CATTLE! Nnnno... that's not it...
Bah, why do I waste my breath talking to you?

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