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Y'know how weird it is when someone recognizes you in the mall or wherever, but you don't recognize them? Multiply that by like... 50 for Ridley right now :P

Hmm... what a strange pit-filled place. It almost smells like lava used to be here at oen point. Eh, maybe it rises and falls like the tide.
Hey there big-guy. Haven't seen you here in a while. What's up?
*float* ...What the hell are you talking about?!?
Hey Rid-man... shitty deal about this place falling down. Coming back to laugh about past mistakes or something? Where you been? I know it's been like... a few days since I was at the bar. I'll be crawling my way back soon.
Ok. This... is getting kinda weird now.
So umm... you know who I am? Did like... Metroid-thingy inform everyone of us coming?
MAN, what've YOU been drinking? Last time I Was at the bar we had a drink WITH her. C'mon, remember?
Ooookay... something's not quite right here...

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