Running out of time

Just.... just trust him here. He's well experienced in this :P

And to celebrate this strip... I suggest everyone reading this go get themselves a Slurpee. If you don't know what I'm talking about... you lead a sad, sheltered life :{

Several minutes later
Oh hell... I forgot about this. Umm... so... anyone have any ideas on how to get across this psychotically long pit of extra-hot lava? I'm open to suggestions here.
So wait... why the hell are we running anyway?!? It's not like we did anything.
Yyyyeah, you guys don't understand how much Samus likes that suit.
I mean... not ONLY is her entire suit stolen. Not lost.. stolen... but by METROIDS! Her absolute, most hated of all creatures. And when she snaps... she SNAPS! In a situation like this, I'm thinking she's going to shoot anything that so much as thinks about moving!
Oh crap... the shock is wearing off. We're running low on time. We need booze! Real strong, and a helluva lot of it, and FAST!
What would that...

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