Little help?

Ehehe... I like how all of them are kinda clamped onto Kraid.

2.5 seconds later
Ok, seriously? You guys have GOT to learn how to run like... a million times faster than whatever the hell that was you did back there.
Well sooooorry for having legs that are about THREE FRICKIN' INCHES LONG!
Yeah, well... grow... wings or something. Just be glad I was there to save you.
Except that on THAT note... if you or Samus hadn't shown up to begin with, none of this would have happened, and the tribe wouldn't be in the horrible, slaughtered mess that it is.
...Look, you want me to just drop you off here then? Don't think I won't do it.
Nnnnah, I'm good.
Then shutup and leave the fleeing to me.

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