Nothing new

Yep... after a while, punting enemies into lava pits just becomes a chore :P
Trust me... been there, done that :P

45 minutes later...
So... all my friends are just over there?
Yep. C'mon, they're waiting for you!
But... are you sure? I'm PRETTY sure it was you I saw destroying the tribe.
No, no... it was just a minor disagreement. Noone actually got permanently injured.
Ok, that's alright then. I'll jus-OH SWEET CRAP, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? *jog* *punt*
Perhaps it's time to re-think my method of following Kraid and the others. There can't be more than a few enemies left in hiding, tops.
Umm... ok, you're obviously stark-raving mad, so I'm just going to sit here and pretend to die in the hopes that you don't notice and leave.
*bubble* *crackle*

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