Damned either way

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Hmm... perhaps I'll poke around the tribe's main living area and see if they have anything that could be of use.
Argh and agony and stuff! The pain, it never ends and whatnot. It burns!
*boil* *burn*
Yep... and if there's nothing there, I'll have to search around the other areas I don't know yet and see if there's another way out. *run*
Oh, last agonizing pains! I have been stripped of my mortal coils! BLARGG! I am definitely dead!
*sizzle* *char* *pop*
*boil* *sizzle*
...In retrospect, waiting here until she left probably wasn't the wisest of ideas. At least instead of boiling myself to death in the lava, SHE would have probably killed me a lot more instantaneously.

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