Climbing to success

I just couldn't resist.

So wait... how did you get back up on the roof?
Oh, well I just climbed up the rope.
...Like... another rope?
Nope, this one.
But... the bush was on the ground.
Yeah. I dropped down, made the rope, then attached it to the ceiling and moved over to where I could swing in and save you.
But no, how did you attach the end of the rope to the roof the FIRST time?
Like I said. I just climbed up the rope, up to the roof.
But you were HOLDING THE ROPE!
Well of course! How else am I supposed to climb a rope if I'm not holding onto it?
Crikey, you fellas are excitable.

Thanks goes out to both my friend Chous, and Brian Clevinger for the gag in this comic. If you want an explanation less plothole-up-the-ying-yang-causing, then "Croc Hunter found another way up." There, no plothole. Yay for vagueness!

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