We'll just follow them

It's Crocomire Hunter. 'Nuff said :P

Oh, if only I could injure you more than to just chew on your ankles... Anyway... you have any idea if anyone in my tribe is still alive, or how can I get away from taht purple-wearing psychopath?
Well, I can definitely say that several of your friends are alive.
What?!? You saw some of my tribe?!? AWESOME! I'M NOT ALONE! Where, where, where, where, where???
They climbed through a tunnel in the roof to the other side. WE'll follow them right away, using my rope to get to the roof again.

I hate you so bad.
Aww, you don't mean that. You're just sad that you're alone right now.
If I could ever manage to do more than chew a hole in your boot, you'd be SO dead right now.

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