And this should clarify the fact that the two Samii are indeed different.

Oh, and if you didn't catch it... the ZR388 Samus is talking about when she was standing on the save point up near Metroid Queen's area.

Several minutes later
...So I'm standing on a pillar thing, when Kraid spontaneously disappears and I'm stuck at a dead end with some fake ground above me that I can't reach. Well, that pissed me off...
...So naturally, you need booze.
EXACTLY! So I wandered back here.
Which just confounds MY problem. Y'see, I didn't even know this bar EXISTED until an enemy showed me.
God, this place is screwed up. Wonder what happened.
Meanwhile, back on Zebeth...
Well... this is a whole assload of underwhelming. Boy, sure am glad I used those missiles on getting through the MYSTERY door!
Umm... crap. Hello? Anyone down there?

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