Descriptive descriptions

Don't worry, next comic we'll be getting into "new" stuff that Ridley's gone through.

But anyway, seeing as I was SUPPOSED to meet you again in an hour, I figured I should move on.
I'm supposed to meet Kraid again in an hour, so I figure I should move on.
Something along those lines.
So I came across some funky post thing sticking out of the ground. I didn't think much of it then.

Man, whoever designed the modern art here certainly sucks at it *coughKabscough*
So naturally, I wanted to stomp on it. However, it felt all... tingly... and kinda... weird...ish....y.
Worst. Description. Ever.
Oohh, tingly.
So ANYWAY... the weird stuff started happening like... just a little bit after I got off that thing.
Your ability to describe things got even worse?
Shutup and let me continue, or no more booze.
Yes sir.
*hop* ONWARDS! I've got a bar to scout.

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