If you can't figure out who that is... you will soon.

So a little further ahead, I found an enemy standing on a big pile of rubble, that according to him was the old location of my bar... which for the record I've never seen in my friggin' life.
Well yeah... I saw you digging that place out shortly after you found it.
Lemme continue... it gets weirder.
Now, this enemy takes me to ANOTHER bar... which I ALSO apparently built.
And we saw you dig THAT one out too!
Just... bear with me here. I'm getting to the REALLY weird crap. This second bar is NOTHING.
After entering, I met someone who was apparently a long-time second-bar-dweller.
Sweet merciful god, you're the most annoyingly annoying pile of annoying that's ever annoyed.
He was a little annoying.
Shortly thereafter... Samus... who was equally confused with your disappearance... came by. I TOLD YOU YOU FRIGGIN' ABANDONED US!!!

And I'm saying I FRIGGIN' DIDN'T!
No, you friggin' did... ass.
Wait, wha?
Man that thing was annoying.

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