A friendly goodbye

Aren't I so helpful?

So after that, we get some answers out of her.
Say... that's not half-bad.
OH GOD, she DRANK it!
You owe me 5 bucks, Samus.
Y'know... despite the fact that both Samus and I were still gagging from seeing her drink.
*shudder* I can still hear the slurping...
*slurrRR-RRrrp* Oohh... big chunk there.
Oh god.
Can't... force myself... to turn away...
But nonetheless... SHE also seemed to be confused, but was eager to fix the situation.
Like HELL I'm letting you assclowns stay on my playplanet! El-Stupido McRedHelmet over there will just break my damn model again!
REALLY eager.
Ouch, girl.
But after a friendly goodbye, she transfered us out, taking care to make sure she did ONLY us.
GET THE HELL OUT, YA WORTHLESS BUMS! And don't even THINK you're getting to take that booze for the ride!
*smash* *poof* *drop* *smash* *poof* *drop* *crash*
And that's the last time I saw ZR388

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