Goodbye bait

If you look back at previous comics, the Metroids have figured out (by talking to other minions and the like) that her name is Samus... but that's about it.

Must... kill... must... kill... must...
<Oohh, oohh, I think this might be one. The minion said the Metroid-killer is a kinda tall, purple thing with a green top. This fits the bill!>
<SAMUSI think! If you ever want to see the rest of your armour again, then you...>
*ka-click* *fwoosh* *fwoosh* *fwoosh* *BWAM*
<Well... I can honestly say that I did NOT see that comic.>
*gasp* *pant*
You still LIVE?!?
<Crap, it's lost it. FLEE!>

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