Damn hindsight

Don't like that massage any more, do ya, huh?

Twenty-seven missiles later
<Boy, I am REALLY glad that I traded places six missiles ago.>
<Way to show compassion for the team, man.>
*bwam* *bwam*
<But you DO realize that we'll have to... y'know... save them from being re-frozen until the purple thing either starves to death or leaves in general.>
<Yeah, yeah.>
<Well, look... let's try to strike up a deal with the maniac. We give them their helmet, we get to leave. I dunno, something like that.>
<Well, give it a shot, it's all we've got.>
*bwam* *bwam*
<Hey purple th...>
*leap* *bwam* *bwam* *bwam *freeze*
<Although in retrospect, there's probably a distinct possibility that the purple thing doesn't even understand Metroid. At which point, talking to it is less than useless.>

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