Cubular thoughts

Yes... inside a Metroid's inner mind... is a gelatinous cube. What else would it be?

<Ahh... finally thawing. I kinda figured the purple thing would go back to shooting the first Metroid.>
<BWAGH! Oh holy bajesus-hell that's frickin' COLD! That was the most painful thing I've ever felt!>
<Welcome back to the world of the moving.>
<Ok, ok... we've gotta get 'em outta there like... yesterday. I can only imagine what must be going through taht poor Metroid's mind right now.>
*bwam* *bwam*
Inside the Metroid's inner mind...
gelatinous cube
<MAN... there's an itch on my back that's driving me freakin' NUTS! Well... not like I can scratch it anyway... but at LEAST I could rub up against a wall or something. Stupid icy purple thing.>

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