Destructable blocks

In case you're not aware, often blocks in Metroid that look identical to all others can be shot and destroyed easily. Samus has located some of these.

Several more hours later
*sob* Why... why must it go on so incessantly like this?!?
It could be worse.
*GRONK* *Gronk* *gronk* *Gronk* *GRONK*
HOW?!? How could this POSSIBLY be worse? What about this is even SLIGHTLY good?
Well, I've made a game of it. I add my own words to the gronks and make it funny.
*gronk* *Gronk* *Gronk* *GRONK* *Gronk*
*bwam* *bwam* *bwam*
*gronk* *Gronk* *gronk* *GRONK*
See, check it out. He just said "Mr. T is GREAT!"
...Your game sucks. Badly. Furthermore, I... WHAT THE?!?
*bwam* *dissipate*
What, what?
*growl* *snarl*
I don't know... something happened behind me... y'know... where I can't friggin' SEE! It sounds pissed, though.
*GRONK* *GRONK* *gronk* *gronk* *gronk*

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