BOOYAH! Kraid... the master of the slammer.

Much wandering later
MAN but I'm getting parched. I've been running for god knows how long, and haven't had a drink since the lava place. I think. I dunno... things are kinda hazy around there.
But at the BARE minimum, I'm finally at the green-groundy area... or at least the very edge of it. From THIS point, I should be able to blindly wander around long enough until I hit something that I recognize. Preferably the bar.
Well, enough dilly-dallying. The sooner I start moving, the soo-ACK! Oh COME ON!
*run* *drop*
Say, does anyone else feel kinda... queasy suddenly? Like... something's just not right?
That's just the feeling of being PWNED!
Nnnno, I feel it too, kinda.
I just pwned her THAT MUCH!

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