Funky surprises

What funky surprises am I talking about? Let me count the ways...

1. Ridley's here!
2. Samus is here!
3. Kraid's not red!

Note: order of above list may not be in order of magnitude of surprise.

Note #2: I'm fully aware that the "side" that Samus is wearing the armour on seems to switch. That's just the way Metroid 1 worked, and is a limitation of it's graphics. Deal with it like you deal with suited-Samus drinking booze with her helmet on :P

Not far away...
Wow... THAT was certainly loud. I'm sure glad I'm not in as much agony as that tortured scream sounded like. Strange, it almost sounded like two creatures screaming in unison. Man... if I felt like THAT, I'd wish for death.
BUT... that's besides the point. I have a rest-of-a-suit to check on, copious quantities of alcohol to drink to calm my nerves, and a lizard... thing... to kick purely for the hell of it.
And if that red, spike-hurling moron knows what's good for him, he damn well better be in there. The LAST thing I need is any more funky surprises when I go in to torment him.
SAMUS, RIDLEY, let's all huddle close to eachother. I have a GOOD feeling about all of us funky surprises being easily visible all at the same time from the outside door.
What the hell is wrong you? And don't call me funky.

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