What indeed

And for the weekend... a minor cliffhanger. What did Samus see?

I see what it's like now! It's clear as day! Oooohhhh no, heaven FORBID you tell KRAID about a new Chozo-item!
Uhh... no, I...
Just because he got a high-jump item, suddenly he can't be TRUSTED to know ANY information, even if he can't POSSIBLY do anything WITH it! Am I close here Samus? AM I?!?
Oh sure, let me pour my heart out, while you just stand there and bask in my MISERY! Do you like it Samus? Do you like to see me miserable THAT...
*drop* *thump* *thump*
Ok, seriously... what the hell are you staring at? What, do I have a spider on my head? Wait... do I? SAMUS! DO I HAVE A SPIDER ON MY HEAD? DO I???

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