Everyone loves Gronky!

There, now people will stop asking if it was Gronky that died :P

But... while we're here, I might as well kill my curiosity. Croc-boy... what the hell did we explode into tiny little pieces, anyway?
*sniff* That... that poor Trabnagian fellow! I SAVED him from the lava... and... and was taking him to meet his friends who are with Kraid.
Oh... Oooohhhh. A TRABNAGIAN you say. Well... given your pain... I won't say that I'm glad that we killed it... but... I can't not be not sad that we didn't not kill it.
Whew, for a second there, I thought that we killed Gronky.
Are you kidding? EVERYONE loves Gronky! Well... despite the fact that he's a glitch-riddled world-destroyer... but like... EVERYONE loves him. It'd completely suck if he died!
*sniff* *sob*
I know. Who in the world could POSSIBLY want him dead?
Why will this beast from hell not SHUT UP, even for a SECOND???
I've been trying to will it to death with my mind, but it's JUST NOT WORKING!
*gronk* *gronk* *gronk* *GRONK* *gronk* *gronk* *gronk* *gronk* *GRONK*

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