Improved slide

Well... it IS improved :P

Well... it's useless to stand around here now. Whatever item the horribly destroyed remains the Trabnagian left will have long since disappeared.
Yeah, let's go back to the bar and see if it's cleaned up.
Wow... I've gotta say... in the short time we've been gone, this place looks spotless! How in the world did you manage it THAT fast?
Oh, I have my ways...
-Caution: Deep Fryer area - extremely hot-
-Super Happy Fun Slide-
Oh holy GOD but that was the most horrible experience of my life. This better be the best damn slide in my entire friggin' LIFE!
Don't worry... Ridley said that he made it at least 20 times better than it was before.
So wait... DID you make it any better?
Totally! I changed out the oil in the deep-fryer.
Say... you look kinda... haggard.
Yeah, the last half-hour's been kinda... rough. I don't wanna talk about it.

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