To the victor goes nothing

You can't argue with his logic.

Voice, voice, VOICE, voice, suit, suit, SUIT, suit, voice, suit, VOICE, suit, I CAN HEAR MY VOICE AND IT'S SAYING TO GO TO MY SUIT SUIT SUIT SUIT...
Alrighty then, you do that.
Hey man... sup? What the hell was with that yelling I heard from like... forever away from here?
Yyyyeah, you probably don't want to hang out around here at the moment. I think something's wrong with Samus at the moment... again.
Ahh, check.
Sweet, sweet suit, how I've missed thee. Ridley! Booze! I was the victor, and to the victor belongs that last gulp of spoils.
So who won the battle? Which Samus ARE you?
I'm the REAL one, of course.
...Oh, THAT helps.
But anyway, I already drank that booze.
You WHAT?!?
Hey, it's MY bar, and I also get thirsty! You two were taking too damn long, and I got thirsty... so deal with it if you ever want to come here again.
Ok, ok, you win. But... how...
If you can find me more supplies, I can get you more booze.

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