In search of booze

I wonder how many people remember when that happened :P

WHAT?!? Where the hell am I supposed to find you booze-making supplies?!? YOU were teh one that found 'em in the first place!
Yeah, but last I heard, my original fields have been burned to the ground. Go find me more.
What the hell do I even look for?
I'll make a list.
Minutes later
Craaaap... that's a long list.
The more important stuff is at the top. Worry about those first, then the latter stuff if you come across it on the way.
And last I heard, it was still frozen-white-crap season out, so your OLD fields are still out. In fact... NOTHING will be growing out there!
Thus making your search a lot harder, so get cracking if you want booze.
I can't even fathom where the hell I Would start looking. Where else is ANYTHING going to grow?
Your problem, not mine.
Hey, you won't get any money without booze.
There's food, and I can start charging for the slide.
-Nothing here-

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