Lost on purpose

30 minutes later...
*boing* *hop* Cripes man, what the hell kind of path are you taking me down?
Don't worry, I'm sure we'll reach your... what's it called again... a "fee-ald"? That right?
Yeah, about that... I' also getting a sneaking suspicion that you have absolutely no clue what I'm actually trying to find. And slow down, I can only hop so fast, you wriggling freak.
*crawl* OH sure, I know what you want. Now just head upwards, and it's not much further.
*boing* It'd better be. I'm tempted to just kill you and find it myself.
...Minion? Where'd you go?
...No, seriously... where the hell did you bugger off to? Do I go up or straight here? Hello?
Aahahaha! So long, sucker! Have fun finding me ever again! Teach you to threaten me for the past half-hour.

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