So... much... anger...

2021 Kabs here. Wow, current me apologises for a decade ago me, I was sure upset back then! I was clearly going for giving him the "Boxy" treatment lol

Oh COME ON! Just get in the damn ball! I'm not asking for a freakin' miracle, here!
-MESPRIT - Level 50-
-Minion 1 - level 40-
-Health - 108/108-
-Aargh! Almost had it!-
I swear to god Mesprit, when I catch you, I'm going to torture you, break those damn tentacle things clean off of you, murder you, revive you, torture you again, and then cram you into the computer with a box full of ONLY Bidoofs, and leave you there to rot for ALL FRIGGIN' ETERNITY!

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