A walk in the paaaaaaw, yeah

Gotta love it when you've been cramped up for a long time, and when you stretch like... all of your joints pop :D

50 minutes later
Well... now that you're done screaming for 45 minutes... and my hearing has finally come back... are you finally ready to move your ass already?
Ugh... yeah... I should be good now.
Good, now move it. Words can't DESCRIBE how much I want to get out of this maze!
Oh, lighten up. It couldn't have been THAT bad.
Right, because wandering around blindly with everything looking the same is just SO fun.
It was just like a picnic in the pa-aaahhh... *crrrk*
*hop* What? What's wrong now?
*crack* *crack* *crack* *pop* *pop*
Oh... oh sweet merciful GOD that felt great! My back... my knees... feel so... so GOOD!
Pfft, why didn't you just stretch in the tall areas?
Oh yeah, getting out totally wasn't my main concern. Kicking back and enjoying the FUCKING VIEW was!
Hey, I'm just saying is all.

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