An upgraded pause

Just a bit of an update as to how things are going in class... and an explanation as to why the pause has acted slightly different in the past. Occam's razor... Kabutroid has been changing it to try to make it work properly.

...The one time that it DID... things crashed. Let's go with that :P.

Ugh... the past half-week... I gotta tell ya... insanity. Work has been nuts, as per usual (but I've at least gotten washroom breaks here and there)... and I've put most of my time into finishing my class assignment.

Hence why this comic was late. But... the major assignment is done, and there's one week left in classes. This however means that much of NEXT week's time will go to studying for the final exam.

Oh... and if you were ever annoyed that I could use a Gamecube Controller... then the Wii will piss you off even more. But anyway... next week's will likely have two more "me bitching about stuff" comics, at least until the exam, and class, is over.

God damnit... I can't believe Metroid-thingy upgraded the "pause". Now there's ONLY light in this tiny rectangle of area! Fucking "pause".
Hey Samus... I can see you, but you can't see meeeee!
Oh, go to hell.

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