Almost over

Yay for Mario Party.

So... as it stands, work is still insane, and I got my class assignment back... for the record, I got 86% on the midterm, and 81% on the big uber-assignment. All that's left is the final exam tomorrow... and then I can get back to being miserable at work, but with more time at home.

But at work... I'm at a bit of a moral dilemma. I want to apply elsewhere... but since EVERYONE at work is in the same boat... if I quit, that place would be royally screwed (since someone else happens to be quitting this Friday). They're good people, so I don't want to make it that much harder on them.

Thusly adding extra annoyance and kicking my conscience into high-gear.
*You're a Superstar*
BOOYAH! Take THAT, Toadette!

MAN... why did this have to happen to my OTHER good chair?!? I wonder if I can press that furniture guy to actually give me that "buy 10, get 1 free" deal he said I'd need with my record.

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