Money for higher grades

Yay exchanging money for higher grades... or at least a song about money :P

Ahh... the exam is over, and I think I did well. Also, the prof offered to give anyone who sings the "Money song" by Monty Python an extra 5%. He had only seen two people EVER take him up on the offer... but we got our entire CLASS to sing it!

So yeah... due to the extra 5%, I went into the exam with 95%. Given the exam is worth 35%, I could have written my name on the exam and handed it in and STILL gotten a "C". Obviously, I didn't do that in actually... y'know... tried. I hope I did good.

So... yeah, things should be easing up a bit now. ODds are that since I'm still a comic behind as of making this (although if you're reading through the archives, this obviously won't be apparent), I'll be making Friday's comic the final "end of filler" strip.

But... its great to be done for now, and it's a load of stress now gone. And work today was pretty good too. I actually got a BREAK! I think I'm up to four now since starting. This is of course ignoring the fact that I worked while eating lunch, but hey... it's something. Gotta smile about the little things.

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