A minor mistranslation

Kraid's translation may be slightly biased. Just a bit.

So... umm... is there any particular reason you're... y'know... in our way?
<We demand that you come quietly with... wait a sec...>
<How in the hell do you have another suit?!? We LITERALLY saw you destroy parts of it. IT FREAKIN' BLEW UP!!!>
Little help Kraid? All I'm getting is a lot of 'squeeing', and I think they're annoyed with us for some reason.
They say they're annoying, whiny jerks.
<HEY! No we didn't!>
And now that one just called your mom a slut.
Oh DID they now? They will find that was a less than good idea.
<Oh hey, look at the time. We'll have to chat sometime later.>

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