Long lost friends

Yep... a bit of a loose end floating around...

But seriously, we've got more important things to worry about. Well... not as important as keeping you the fuck away from me... but still important. We must track down... BOOZE... or the supplies thereof at least.
Oh hey, yeah... I was trying to help Ridley with that problem before. My plan didn't work, and I bashed my head into a massive concussion.
Aw MAN! I missed watching you horribly injure yourself!
...Thanks for the concern.
*hop* *toing*
But no... we've got things to look for. Say... do you have the slightest idea where barley might be?
Can't say that I do.
Well... you're useless.
Oh right... these guys. Yeah... I kinda forgot about them.
Damn jerks.
<HEY! We resent that!>

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