For no good reason

What the hell is going on out there? It sounds like some kind of miniature rockslide or something coming towards the bar.
*bvwee* *clunk*
Aaaaand thsi is less than expected... or good. YO! OPHELIA! ARE YOU CALLING A PILE OF FROZEN METROIDS TO THE BAR?
No, not today.
Well, so much for th... wait, what?
Oh, hey Ridley... how's the day going?
*clunk* *thunk* *thud*
Oh, just fine. I got plenty of sleep, and it's been fairly relaxing. On another note though... WHY IN THE BLUE MONKEY FUCK ARE YOU BOUNCING METROIDS INTO MY BAR?
Y'know, that's a good question. I have no idea, to be honest.
Oh, THAT'S useful. Well, given they're frozen, that can only mean...
Hey Rid, can't talk, gotta fire off another round of freezing.

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