Looking for answers

Just imagine a pile of pissed off Metroids being stuck in your bedroom.

Seconds later
-Employees Only - this means only Ridley-
Ok, that should be that last freeze we need. Toss them into the pog room for now.
NEVER! I will NEVER endanger my pogs with these... these JERKS!
Uhh, I'd like a say in this...
Well, toss them SOMEWHERE! They'll start to unfreeze soon!
*bzup* *thud*
Ok, ok, they're going in Ridley's room.
-Employees Only - this means only Ridley-
There we go. Good job, good job.
Yep, yep.
Hey Ridley. Man, what's wrong... you look kinda... missed off or something. Headache?
No, no... not specifically. I'd just like to know why you just crammed THREE GODDAMN METROIDS INTO MY ROOM!!!

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