Sleep is for the weak

Added note: that sprite in the last frame is Daemona. I found a significantly better sprite for her. I was looking into changing the previous several comics (some vacation strips) to the new sprite, but the word bubbles wouldn't really allow it... so in explanation... "she changed a bit over the several years", so there :P

8 hours later...
Ugh... so... tired. Need... sleep... It's like... four in the morning, the alarm will be going off in a few hours, and I have a ton of st... st...
Meh... Meeeeeetr... troi...
NO! No... I must resist. I must sleep... I must make comics... I must prepare for the next day. Willpower girl, willpower!
2.5 hours later
Uhh... Kabutroid? Your alarm went off like... fifteen minutes ago. Did you even get to sleep?
So 'no' then.

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