Not a good pillow

They might still be a little irritated :P.

So... how long are we going to stand around here for? It feels like I've been here for weeks or something.
Until someone gets those damn Metroids out of my room.
Alright, alright already. I'll see what I can do since Ridley over here doesn't want to be a TEAM PLAYER!
Or maybe I want to be able to SLEEP WITHOUT DYING!
So... Metroids? If I were to... say... open this door and kinda lead you to another room for you to go into instead, could we just kinda... do that without a fight?
*squee* *squee* *squee*
Ok, y'know what? That kind of language is COMPLETELY uncalled for. I guess this'll teach me to try to reason with a pile of JERKS!
That's right... I said it!

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