Attempt #2

Well, there IS a fair amount of stuff kicking around in that room. And if I were locked in a room, I'd sure be smashing the hell out of everything.

Must control rage... must control rage... Kraid must pay more for booze. YES! For any value that anyone else has to pay, you get to multiply that number by TEN!
Ok, so now that Kraid just went and made things a dozen times worse... looks like you're up Samus. Don't think YOU'RE getting off scott-free, oh thinker of stupid ideas.
*sigh* Outta the way, Kraid. Time to go clean up your mess.
And if you fail, your drink prices will make Kraid's seem like a SALE!
Oh, super.
Well... let's see how pissed off they are... HELLO?
*break* *smash* *thump* *splinter* *thunk* *WHUMP*
Oh, super.

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