Good news, bad news

Well, there IS a fair amount of stuff kicking around in that room. And if I were locked in a room, I'd sure be smashing the hell out of everything.

10 minutes later
-Employees Only - this means only Ridley-
So... how'd it go? What happened?
Well, I got good news for you, and I got bad news for you.
Well... THIS should be interesting.
Oh god... how badly did you screw up, and how much worse has the situation gotten?
So... bad news first?
Nah, let's have the good news first. I could use a laugh about now.
I got to spend almost ten minutes calling Metroids jerks almost to their face!
...Well whoop-dee hell, let the good times roll.
So what's the bad news? Please tell me it's just that you weren't able to move them.
Oh, that's a given. No, the bad news is that they got so pissed off at me that I think they smashed everything in there.

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