More timing issues

I say "more" in the title, since she's had other timing issues :P

*bwam* *bwam* *bwam* *bwam* *bwam* *bwam*
Well crap... now I'm stuck. I can't stop shooting for long enough for the doors to close or the Metroids will work their way closer... but I can't leave or they'll escape, and that's just not good.
*bwam* *bwam* *bwam* *bwam*
Ok... I'll have to time it such that I stop shooting just as the door is closing. This shouldn't be too hard... all I need to do is not concentrate on the green, pulsing death behind the door, and try to time my shots not to activate the door.
15 minutes later
*bwam* *bwam* *bwam* *bve- *bwam* -bvwee*
Damnit, damnit, DAMNIT, damnit, damnitdamnitdamnit! DAMNIT!!!
Y'know... hearing the extreme frustration in her voice almost makes this worthwhile... almost.
Wanna bet on when she snaps?
You're on.

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