Almost won

So close to winning. Then again, once Ridley's got booze in it again, that wouldn't even buy half a drink for Kraid :P

20 minutes later
Damnit, damnit, hell bitch damn! Bitch crap bitch hell mother fu...
I dunno man... she's been swearing for a while now. I think something might be wrong.
You're just worried I'll win the bet.
Hell hell... damn hell hell... wait... WAIT... DAMNIT! Crap shit bitch crap hell. Aha... AHA! AHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!
Aaaand now she lost it. Oh, I'm SO closer than you. You owe me ten bucks.
So... *snicker* any luck in moving the Metroids? You sounded preeeetty confident out there.
I dunno about teasing her man. I'm thinking more along the lines of "run and hide".
For your information... yes... yes I did.
YES! YOU JUST SAVED ME 10 BUCKS! And also my room.
WHAT? NO! HOW?!? Aw MAN... now my drink prices won't seem cheap in comparison to yours!

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