Slow and steady

Buuut, thinly veiled threats from gargantuan death-machines aside... how'd 'ja do it?
Very, very slowly, to start with.
So, I was at a bit of a standstill when the door kept opening while I was trying to keep the Metroids from escaping.
Yeah, we kinda overheard that part.
*bwam* *bvwee*
But I noticed that the Metroids occasionally switched who was in front to be frozen. Using t hat knowledge, I backed off a bit every time they were going to switch, so they kept creeping up a little bit further every time.
Eaaaaasy does it... eaaasy... DAMNIT, CREEP UP FASTER, YOU GREEN ASSHOLES!
And yeah... using that method, I slowly led them out of your room, and off into another one... where after ANOTHER long-ass time, I managed to get the door to close all the way. Oh... oh god... wh-what room are they in?
Let's just say it rhytmes with "bog".

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