The obvious answer

Well hey, who WOULDN'T want a room full of frogs? Oh wait... everyone :P.

Personally, I really like frogs. Used to catch them growing up. Up at my grandma's place, there was a big culvert at the corner, and lots of frogs gathered there. It was an awesome swimmin' hole :D

Oh, whew. For a second, I was worried there.
Wait, what? You're not worried, or like... flipping out or something?
No, of course not! I could care less about those damn things.
Umm... Kraid? What room do you think the Metroids are in, outta curiosity?
Oh, c'mon... you of ALL people should know! The 'frog room', obviously. Where else?
...Frog room.
Yeah, this one time, Crocomire Hunter told me about some place that had little, green, slimy things called 'frogs', and well... you obviously collected a lot of them in a room somewhere.
...WHY? What purpose could I POSSIBLY have for a room full of these 'frogs'.
Well NOW you're just being silly, pretending you don't know anything. They're slimy little... things! How COULDN'T you collect them? Also, you'd naturally have a lot of them around in case JUST such an occasion comes up, so you're just th...

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