Melia munchies

Several minutes later
Man, it was risky to go into the pog room again, but after he started unconsciously EATING the old plates and glasses we crammed in his mouth, I just HAD to get him to swallow some of his pogs.
*munch* *chew*
I'm also pleasantly surprised that he managed to swallow 5 cinderblocks before he started to just slobber and drool them out of his mouth.
And don't forget the enemy count. That one makes it fourteen and still going strong!
*chomp* *munch* *gulp*
Ahh... good times, good times.
*chew* *chew*
Although, if he thinks he's getting away without paying for those plates, glasses, and potential deep-fried food, he's got another thing coming.
Oh, and then when he's all pissed off, we'll tell him that he spent the last 10 minutes eating his own pog collection.
*chomp* *slurp*

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